Getting it together with trade show conference dates.

Helping to avoid conflicting conference dates continues to be one

of the prime objectives of TAC (Telecommunications Associations Council)

and COMMUNICATIONS NEWS. The schedule of conference dates shown below

came out of the recent seventh annual TAC meeting, hosted by ICA.

TCA will host TAC in 1994 and 1995. ACUTA will be the host in 1996

and 1997.

One major question faced by TAC members and others in the

association community is whether trade shows, as we now know them,

should continue to be trade shows. Would it be more profitable for the

vendor/supplier community to put its time, effort, personnel and bucks

into something else? In short, is it too costly to support trade shows

for the return they get?

Rumors and hushed conversations continue to abound in the

(sometimes empty) exhibit aisles about this very subject.

I don’t think the old blackmail trick works any more:

“If you don’t exhibit or sponsor a social event or other

freebie function, your booth will be in Siberia.” That just

doesn’t cut it, especially in today’s economy.

Now is the time for the association community to be creative and

step up the dialogue with the vendor/supplier community for

everyone’s mutual benefit. More on this later.

CMA names directors

The Communications Managers Association (CMA) approved its 1993-94

slate of directors. Those included are Alvin Bieber, Telerate Systems,

president; Thomas F. McCarthy, N.Y. Life Insurance, first vice

president; Matthew O’Brien, Prodigy Services, second vice

president; Ron West, Shearman & Sterling, treasurer; Scott Matluck,

N.Y.C. Board of Education, secretary.

Named as directors were Andrew Stratford, Congress Financial Corp.;

Janet Hufton, KPMG Peat Marwick; and Robert Johnston, Exxon Research and

Engineering Co. Patrick J. Hennelly, McGraw-Hill, is first past

president and Charles Murray, The Travelers, is second past president.

If you haven’t signed up for CMA Telcom 93, the group’s

16th annual conference, note that it is being held Nov. 1-4 at the New

York Hilton. For details call 800-CMA-INFO.

Around the circuit

The Definity/85 Users Group has gone global. Communications

Director Andrew Backs, of the Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, says

the group is now the Global Definity Users Group. Old timers will

remember it as the System 85 Users Group. [TABULAR DATA OMITTED]

“While we have always asserted our independence from AT&T,

we wish to continue to strengthen the partnership that has been so

effective for eight years in assisting AT&T to define product

direction and development,” Backs says. Group President Tony Loeb

says the name change “is just formalizing what the users group has

been doing for years–some of our member companies are foreign-owned

multinational corporations, while others are multinational firms with

American ownership.”

The World Teleport Association has retitled its North American

Region to “Americas Region.” Three new directors were added

to the board: Robert Francis, General DataComm; John Jung, Toronto

Harbour Commission; and Stephen Tom, Washington, D.C., Teleport.


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